Season 1: Episode 11 - Little Fish
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

­Anna, 20s, beautiful, calls Danny for help in middle of night, and is found dead the next day floating in the East River. Renzulli and Jamie are called to the scene where the body is discovered, and learns from Detective Sonny Malevsky (who Jamie recognized from having worked with his brother Joe), that she was strangled and thrown in the river. In addition, Dannys card is found in her jeans pocket. She was a high end escort and was trying to turn her life around. Anna was being harassed by Richard Hansen at work, a former regular client who would not let go. Richard tells them that she was beaten regularly by her boss at the escort agency, Johnny Vega; who also has a major criminal record but no convictions. Per Johnnys alibi, they catch Jolene another escort outside her apartment who quickly confirms she was with him that whole night. But after revisiting her Jolene admits she was with Anna that night at her house hiding when Johnny came in furious and strangled her to death but refuses to testify for fear of Johnnys wrath. Danny and Jackie arrest Johnny who is totally unfazed only to discover that he is a confidential informant, a made member of a huge crime family, a multi-million dollar case that they are building to bring down the crime family. On the FBI footage Erin has been reviewing for possible cases against Johnny that have been covered up by FBI, she finds Judge Fenton, who is judging this case, with an escort. The judge is forced to resigns and now Johnny will face a murder trial which they are sure he will get a conviction. Meanwhile, Frank has been contacted by an old partner of his, William Carter to inform him that human remains have been found at construction site that may be connected to an unsolved missing child case from 25 years ago. Frank and Bill meet at site where they found skeletal remains, clothing and a childs knapsack hidden behind a false wall. Frank knows right a way it is Leo Gates, a 9 year old boy who lived nearby and went to school near this site who went missing 25 years ago. The remains are confirmed by dental records to be that of Leo Gates. After confirming a major witness was lying for publicity, which derailed their investigation, Frank now seeks and finds the Super of the building at the time, Teddy Wessel. He interrogates him and Teddy confess that he killed Leo with a blow to the head with a hammer by accident, to keep him quiet, only wanting to help him get warm and dry from the rain, not harm him.