Season 1: Episode 12 - Family Ties
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

­Danny and Jackie investigate the murder of a man who is shot at his own engagement party during an indiscretion with another girl who they are unable to identify. The victim is also the son of a Russian mob boss named Grushenko. After interrogating party goers, the prime suspect appears to be a former boyfriend of Sophia's named Sergei who no longer runs with the mob but instead works in a flower shop. However, when Sergei is soon murdered as a revenge tactic, they must also go after the victim's mob boss father Grushenko. Ultimately, it is revealed that the mystery woman who was with the victim during his murder was a woman who had previously worked for Sophia's mother Anna. It turns out that Sergei was not the killer but it was Anna who killed Misha in hopes that her daughter would not live the tortured life of a mobster's wife as she had. Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor Randy St. Clair is arrested on charges of bribery and corruption garnering a lot of media attention. D.A. Rossellini appoints Erin to take the lead in the case but although she is excited about this high profile case, she worries that it is her own high profile name that has put her in the spotlight. In addition, Jamie learns that Lydia Gonsalves Joe's old partner who was involved with the Blue Templar has killed herself.