Season 1: Episode 14 - My Funny Valentine
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

­When a wealthy teenage girl is kidnapped, Danny and Jackie work with her divorced parents to help find her. The investigation quickly focuses on the girls blue collar boyfriend, of whom her father does not approve. Upon finding further evidence it appears that Chloe and her boyfriend staged the kidnapping in order to run away together. However, things turn when they find Drew dead and realize Chloe has been kidnapped for real by one of their accomplices. Eventually, they are able to track them down from details in the kidnappers ransom video and we learn that Chloe did all this in an attempt to reunite her parents. Meanwhile, Nicky attempts to play Cupid between her Mom and her Moms boss, the DA Charles Rosselini. Frank helps the cleaning woman at his office whose son has been wrongfully arrested.