Season 1: Episode 15 - Dedication
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

­An assassination attempt is made on Frank's life while leaving a restaurant by a drive-by shooter. Frank sustains minor injuries, and is a bit shaken up, as are all the Reagans. After Danny tracks down the driver of the car, he confesses that he was paid and did not know who the target was. Ultimately we learn that the attempt was made by this family of Whitey Brennan, a former gang leader who Frank arrested years ago, who lost his grandson and wife, during a shoot out lead by Frank while securing his arrest. Whitey was recently let out of prison on a 'compassionate release' now on his death bed one of his two sons, Rory is determined to kill Frank in his father's honor. Upon visiting Whitey in the nursing facility, Danny catches Rory in the hallways and after a chase kills him in self defense. Meanwhile Frank is planning a huge dedication ceremony of an atrium in his son Joe's name. Frank is highly guarded by the NYPD at the podium during the dedication, however Danny's instinct tells him something is still wrong and he and and Jamie are able to stop Brennan's other son, Kevin, disguised as a priest, making his way towards Frank to shoot him. They catch and arrest him just in time to not interrupt the dedication to Joe. In the end Frank goes to see Whitey to express his condolences for the loss of his grandson and wife and offering Whitey the opportunity for his last confession.