Season 1: Episode 16 - Age of Innocence
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

­A young teenage girl is found murdered in the alley outside a hotel hosting a Debutante Ball. When they are unable to identify the victim, Danny and Jackie leak the victim's photo to the press in order to help identify her. They soon learn that her name is Betsy Vickers, a sixteen year old from upstate whose parents thought she was away on a ski trip with friends for the weekend. Searching her computer they find a romantic email correspondence, seemingly with Lee Huntington, a spoiled rich kid who attended the ball. When they go to question Lee, he is with his tutor Howard and he adamantly denies knowing the victim or any involvement with the murder and before they can question him any further, his father has them escorted out. Further examination proves the emails likely to be written by a well versed adult, but the account is out of the Huntington household. After questioning Lee's tutor Howard, Danny quickly realizes he is the culprit and gets him to confesses to posing as Lee online, having the romantic exchange with the girl, and to killing her at the hotel. Meanwhile Nicky, interviews Danny for a report on the NYPD, and ends up going with him to the crime scene and sees the dead body. Erin is furious at Danny and Nicky is quite shaken up from the experience. Frank assures Nicky her reaction is normal and when she is a cop she will learn, good or bad, to sit on those feelings out of necessity. In addition Renzulli gives a young graffiti artist who’s been tagging a local shop a second chance by not arresting him so he can go to Art School; a second chance he was given as a kid from a cop when he was caught breaking the law.