Season 1: Episode 17 - Silver Star
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

­After leaving a club late night, three privileged guys senselessly beat up and ultimately murder a homeless man in the alley behind the club. Danny and Jackie find out the victim is a former Marine and war hero and Danny finds himself determined to find the killer having been a marine himself. We learn from Kimberly, the victim’s former girlfriend, that a friend’s death during combat tormented Michael, causing drug and alcohol addiction which were responsible for his homelessness. Security cameras reveal one of the three suspects who comes clean and confesses that his boss Cassidy actually committed the murder with a baseball bat. Cassidy, a high profile real estate developer, is very cocky and has paid off the other suspect so no one can corroborate the story. In the end, Danny finds another homeless girl who was a witness and crucial evidence allowing him to convict Cassidy. Michael has a proper military funeral and is buried with his Silver Star which Cassidy had stolen. Meanwhile there is continued conflict between the Mayor and Frank; the Mayor leaking erroneous information that Frank is planning to run against him in order to get attention from the press. ­