Season 1: Episode 19 - Model Behavior
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

­Milli Skye, model turned reality show host, is murdered during Fashion week, and Linda Reagan’s teenage niece Sofie, also a model, collapses on the runway, leaving her in a coma. The hospital tests show both were poisoned by a deadly mushroom. Danny and Jackie trace the deadly mushrooms origin to Morocco and find Harry, Sofie’s hairstylist’s name on the flight roster, having been there to style Atlanta, a model and friend of Sofie’s . However, Danny and Jackie find Harry dead in his apartment of an apparent suicide. Eventually, Atlanta confesses to buying the deadly mushrooms in Morocco and giving them to Sofie to make her sick so she could take her spot for a runway show. Sofie will make a full recovery; Milli’s death an unfortunate turn of events. Meanwhile, Frank is concerned that Father McMurray is leaving their church parish after all these years. He learns that Father McMurray has been falsely accused of sexual misconduct by a woman who is mentally unstable. The church cannot afford any more negative attention in this area so he has been asked to relocate. After speaking with Frank, Bishop Donovan decides Father McMurray should stay with his parish and is prepared to fight for his innocence if need be. In addition, Jamie continues to dig deeper into the Lydia Gonzalves case in an attempt to disover the truth about the Blue Templar.­