Season 1: Episode 21 - Cellar Boy
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

­The Clearys, lifelong neighbors of the Reagans, are found stabbed and murdered in their home. The three prime suspects are their adult children Al, Ann and Ronnie who all grew up with the Regans. Ronnie is the main suspect as he has no alibi, his footprints are found at the crime scene, has a history of substance addiction and abuse and also suffers from bipolar disorder. After interrogating Ronnie, who fully denies it and claims he blacked out, Danny begins to question if he is truly guilty. Danny and Jackie begin to focus on the siblings, who also had motive. After questioning them again, Al panics and unknowingly leads Danny to the buried murder weapon, the kitchen knife, forcing him to confess everything- that Al and Ann killed their parents for their insurance money and tried to frame Ronnie for it. Meanwhile Jamie is getting closer to uncovering the Blue Templar. ­