Season 2: Episode 1 - Mercy
Posted on Sep 24, 2011 12:00am

­Cole Farragaut, a high profile lawyer and fund raiser for the Mayor-elect, Colson Poole, is found dead in his car under the Brooklyn Bridge. Danny and Jackie learn he had been seeing Nikolina, a prostitute, and was murdered in her apartment. From Nikolina’s interrogation, we learn that Cole started a fight with Nikolina’s pimp Kiril in an attempt to free her from Kiril’s employment. Lisa, Cole’s wife and college friend of Erin’s, asks that all of this information be kept from the press to protect her children. The Mayor-elect want to position it as a random act of violence to protect himself as he is associated with Cole. There is debate between Danny, Erin and Frank as to what is the right way to handle this situation. With Nikolina’s help, Danny and Jackie track down Kiril and to their surprise, Immigration and Customs Enforcement have Kiril deported to Croatia where there is an active warrant for his arrest thus avoiding any media exposure. Meanwhile Jamie has his first undercover assignment at a local bar where he “befriends” Noble, a popular drug dealer at the bar, who turns out to be part of the Cavazerre crime family. In addition, Frank submits his resignation letter to the Mayor-elect Poole, as is customary. By invitation from Poole, Frank and Erin attend a black tie fundraiser where Tony Bennett and Carrie Underwood perform. In the end Poole asks Frank to stay on as his police commissioner and he accepts.