Season 2: Episode 2 - Friendly Fire
Posted on Oct 1, 2011 12:00am

­Already having a bad day, Danny shows up at an inflated domestic dispute and gets into a screaming match with the couple. They are interrupted by a young man screaming for help who is being chased by a man with a gun. Danny and Jackie identify themselves as cops and yell for the perp to stop and drop his weapon but instead he continues running toward them, forcing Danny to shoot him. The man being chased continues to run away and they discover the badly injured perp is actually NYPD, Officer Tedesco. Per Frank, Danny is investigated by Internal Affairs like any other cop would be, which is debated at the Reagan Family dinner, and it is Danny who sticks up for Frank’s choice to go by the books. During this investigation Danny is on modified assignment and has turned in his gun and badge but he refuses to stop investigating the case. Eventually they track down the missing “victim” and learn that Officer Tedesco was hit hard on the head prior to the chase and due to this head injury he failed to follow protocol and identify himself to them as a cop. Danny’s suspension is revoked and he returns to full duty and he and Jackie track down and arrest the real culprits who attacked Tedesco.