Season 2: Episode 3 - Critical Condition
Posted on Oct 8, 2011 12:00am

­Three men attempt to rob a bank, and after a customer shoots back, everyone escapes leaving one robber in the bank with two hostages including the shooter. One of the robbers is quickly found dead nearby while the other remains at large. Danny and Jackie, with Frank's help, soon discover the identity of their bad guys and that the robber still in the bank is a former cop named Jimmy Flood, he was a Special Forces officer who had worked for Frank and had been fired because of his drinking problem. They also learn that Flood has an 8 year old daughter in the hospital in need of a heart transplant and this was his motive for robbing the bank. Danny goes into the bank to negotiate with Flood directly and is able to convince him to surrender. In addition, Danny and Jackie track down the other robber who had escaped. Meanwhile, Jamie works with a new partner Luisa, to do 'Bingo Bags'in which they place a bag with a wallet and cash in it on a bench to catch people in the act of stealing and the two are at odds over the use of this tactic. At dinner, the Reagans discuss the Flood case, leaving them thinking about how far they would go in order to save their children.