Season 2: Episode 5 - A Night on the Town
Posted on Oct 22, 2011 12:00am

­After a young man is killed in a staged accident which is part of an illegal insurance scam, Danny is determined to find justice. Upon investigating the clinic involved and doctor in charge of operation, Danny discovers that Rosalita, a parolee he knows is involved working at the clinic, and he enlists her to get the doctor to incriminate himself on tape. While Danny is conducting this investigation, he is also trying to have a romantic get away with Linda in the city for the weekend. In the end Rosalita gets the evidence Danny needs for the arrest and he and Linda get the quality time they needed. Meanwhile Jamie is invited by Nobel Sanfino to a party at his mob family’s restaurant and he goes undercover. Afterwards Nobel takes Jamie with him to torture the drug dealer who gave him bad drugs, and Jamie remains silent not wanting to blow his cover. In addition, Frank and Henry enjoy their weekend taking care of the boys while Linda and Danny are out of town