Season 2: Episode 6 - Black and Blue
Posted on Nov 5, 2011 12:00am

The NYPD’s crackdown on subway fare-beaters draws the ire of Reverend Darnell Potter, a local African-American church leader, who accuses Frank of only targeting black neighborhoods. When Jamie and Renzulli enter his church on an armed robbery call, they’re assaulted by Potter’s security team and barred from entering. Frank is angered when Mayor Poole wants him to give special lenience to Potter, even as the reverend continues to stir up racial tension and play to the press. Meanwhile, Erin is surprised to find a smug former colleague, Lawrence Skolnick, is working a case against her, while Danny and Jackie determine the 911 call about the robbery was bogus and trace it to a drug dealer who says Potter made him do it. In order to escape drug charges, the dealer wiretaps Potter admitting to setting up the situation to draw publicity for his cause. When the recording is later leaked to the press, Potter, decides to step out of the limelight and Frank is redeemed. ­