Season 2: Episode 8 - Thanksgiving
Posted on Nov 19, 2011 12:00am

­As the Reagans prepare for another Thanksgiving, Henry has a heart attack and is hospitalized following an emergency surgery. While the family worries over his recovery, Danny and Jackie investigate an East Indian girl’s death that hints at a forced suicide by her family, but later proves to be manslaughter committed by her white boyfriend, who was secretly dating the victim’s sister. Meanwhile, Erin learns from an NYPD detective that Jacob is an art thief, but after she confronts him, Jacob admits that he is involved in returning Jewish family heirlooms that were taken by the Nazis during WWII. Jamie learns that Renzulli owes his bookie three grand in gambling debt, so he borrows the money from his father, but Frank guesses who the money is actually for and advises Renzulli to clean up his act next time. Finally, a still recovering but indignant Henry wants to go home so he doesn’t miss Thanksgiving, but the Reagans wind up surprising him by bringing their holiday feast to Henry at the hospital.