Season 2: Episode 9 - Moonlighting
Posted on Dec 3, 2011 12:00am

­After a convicted hit man agrees to give up information in several cold-case homicides in exchange for his son getting off on grand theft larceny charges, Danny and Sam Croft, Frank’s newly-appointed confidential investigator, escort the affable prisoner around New York to identify the locations where he dumped the bodies. The day proves successful until the convict’s hired thugs attempt to rescue him, which leaves Danny and Croft in a dangerous situation. Meanwhile, Jamie goes undercover in a boiler room run by the Sanfino crime family, but he winds up drawing the attentions of a beautiful former acquaintance and a dangerous gangster who suspects Jamie is up to no good. After Erin and Frank ask Croft to dig up info on Jacob, they learn that though Jacob’s past is suspicious, there’s not enough evidence to pin him to an art heist. However, Erin soon learns from Detective Deleon that Jacob has fled the country.