Season 2: Episode 11 - The Uniform
Posted on Jan 14, 2012 12:00am

­Jackie and Danny investigate a cop shooting at a diner, but are surprised to find neither the cop nor the owner of the diner (Connie Markos) are still there. They eventually learn the cop is actually auxiliary police: a man named Mike Galatis who is Connie’s nephew. Connie was threatened by loan sharks and Mike killed Billy in self-defense. Although Mike swears Connie’s innocence, they find stolen handguns in Connie’s storage unit, and when Connie’s arrested, he puts the blame on Mike. Encouraged by Danny to do the right thing, Mike proves Connie’s criminality and this forces Connie to reveal the bad guy’s location. Meanwhile, the mayor wants to initiate a new NYPD recruiting campaign, Frank meets with Kevin Schmit, who wants him to exploit 9/11 and terrorism for the campaign. Inspired by Jamie, Frank instead proposes promoting the power of personal stories and connections that come from the job. Also, Jamie takes on a second job as a painter for Renzulli’s company because of his struggle to pay off his law school loans.