Season 2: Episode 13 - Leap of Faith
Posted on Feb 11, 2012 12:00am

­After a rich woman dies from a heart attack, her loopy daughter claims she received a message from God that her stepfather murdered her mother. Danny and Jackie are forced to put aside their skepticism and investigate whether there’s any truth to this allegation. But after hitting repeated dead ends, they find themselves relying on the daughter’s “holy” messages to crack open the case, and eventually they discover that the stepfather is actually a murderer. Meanwhile, the archbishop wants to canonize the late Father Campion, but he first asks Frank to investigate whether a longstanding rumor that Campion committed a felony in the 1960s is true. Digging up Campion’s past helps Frank acknowledge his own spiritual beliefs, but he winds up discovering that the rumor is indeed. Regardless, Frank concludes that Campion was a decent man and recommends him as the kind of modern saint the church needs.