Season 2: Episode 14 - Parenthood
Posted on Feb 18, 2012 12:00am

­A Mexican immigrant family is robbed at gunpoint and Danny and Jackie are called to the scene when one of the thieves has been shot and killed. During interrogation the father admits to shooting him, and will be prosecuted for homicide. After further investigation it is uncovered that his teenage son actually shot the thief. Erin, albeit the prosecution, unbeknownst to anyone, secures the best defense attorneys pro bono to defend the son in court. Meanwhile, 3 college students are arrested at a rally that becomes violent, protesting their college tuition hikes and charged with felony for police assault. One of the students is Mayor Poole’s secret daughter. Her identity remaining private, Frank decides to reduce their sentence to misdemeanors with a year of community service. In addition, Nicki goes to work with Erin for a school assignment, and although Erin thinks they are always at odds, she is touched to discover when Frank reads from Nicky’s school essay how proud Nicki really is of her.