5 Surprising Things About Will Estes: Will Answers Fans
Posted on May 30, 2014 07:55am

Are you a big fan of Jamie Reagan? Get a glimpse into the personal life of Will Estes, as he sat down for a live video chat, answering a plethora of Blue Bloods fan questions. Learn some surprising things about the real Jamie Reagan now!
1. He's single. Hard to believe! ... And probably not for long.
2. The car scenes are no longer just green screen. Will actually drives a car with a camera attached to it through the mean streets of New York City. He hates fake driving, he loves to drive!
3. Even though he's not on Twitter, he plans to learn about it. He may just Tweet some day, the hope is alive.
4. Sometimes between scenes Will likes to play basketball if there's a court nearby. Now it makes sense that there've been a few basketball scenes written into the show.
5. Will is double-jointed. He also loves to surf.
BONUS: Will reveals that Tom Selleck isn't just a natural actor, but he also loves to work hard and study his character.
Watch the full video chat now to find out more: