15 Things We Learned From The Blue Bloods Premiere Live Tweet: Cast on Social Media
Posted on Sep 29, 2014 11:35am

Blue Bloods is back and the cast was live tweeting the season 5 premiere, "Partners." Check out all the interesting factoids we learned below:

1. The whole Blue Bloods team could not wait for the new season to begin.

2. Sami Gayle and Bridget Moynahan -- mother/daughter duo -- were live tweeting.

3. Marisa Ramirez and Donnie Wahlberg like to take selfies with "hand"guns.

4. #cuffmedanny was a huge hit for the night -- it trended worldwide!

5. David Barrett directed the episode.

6. This is what the Reagan fireplace shelf looks like up close.

7. Vanessa Ray loves the brother/sister relationship between Jamie and Erin.

8. Donnie Wahlberg doesn't need sleep to survive.

9. Family dinner is sometimes family breakfast.

10. One dinner scene took 6 hours to film.

11. Bridget Moynahan gets a say in her character's fashion.

12. Vanessa Ray is a big fan of Marisa Ramirez.

13. Bridget is excited for Erin's love life.

14. It's been confirmed -- Donnie is a prankster.

15. Donnie Wahlberg was totally #cuffed out by the end of the night.