Erin Reagan - Woman Crush

A photo album dedicated to the strong woman of the Reagan clan, Erin.

Erin Reagan

1. Erin Reagan

Bridget Moynahan stars as Erin Reagan, on BLUE BLOODS.
Looking Tough

2. Looking Tough

Erin Reagan looking tough before a case.
Family Dinner

3. Family Dinner

Erin Reagan often plays the role of moral compass at the Reagan family dinners.

4. Shocked

Erin Reagan in a state of shock after getting caught up in a missing person's case.
Erin Reagan

5. Erin Reagan

Erin can't be convinced of any tomfoolery.
Professional Look

6. Professional Look

Erin knows how to dress professionally when she wants to get things done.

7. Shopping

A classy lady needs some classy clothing.

8. Paparazzi

With a famous family, it's hard for Erin to stay out of the spotlight.
Bike Riding

9. Bike Riding

Erin (Bridget Moynahan) rides her bike with the kids, before Sean gets into a bad bicycle accident.