Frank Reagan - Man Crush

Is the head of the Reagan household your man crush?

Frank Reagan - Man Crush

1. Frank Reagan - Man Crush

Frank Reagan is head of the Reagan family and also head of New York City, as New York City Police Commissioner.
Hat and Smile

2. Hat and Smile

Frank doesn't usually wear a hat, but when he does... he does it well.
Man's Best Friend

3. Man's Best Friend

Who doesn't love a man who's great with dogs?
Consulting his Children

4. Consulting his Children

Whenever one of his children needs to talk, Frank is always there.

5. Strong

Frank's strong frame and strong attitude make him the perfect man to run the house and the city.
Frank Can Talk

6. Frank Can Talk

Is Frank was trying to get you to admit something, don't you think you'd talk?

7. Sunglasses

Frank rocks the cool shades when he hits the streets of NYC.

8. Serious

It's not all fun and games as NYC Police Commissioner and sometimes Frank has to lay down the law.
Family Man

9. Family Man

Most importantly, Frank is a family man.