12 Blue Bloods Moments Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Smiling is contagious. Let the Reagan family help brighten your week!

Donnie Wahlberg Directs Episode

1. Donnie Wahlberg Directs Episode

Donnie Wahlberg shows off his smile with his guest actors after directing his first ever episode of Blue Bloods!
Nicky and Erin

2. Nicky and Erin

There's nothing quite like this smiling mother-daughter duo.

3. Danny

Why did the Danny cross the road? To smile to the other side.
Frank's Big Grin

4. Frank's Big Grin

The only thing bigger than Frank's hat is his smile.
Frank's Family Dinner Smile

5. Frank's Family Dinner Smile

Frank showed off his family dinner smile in the season finale.

6. Jamie

With Jamie's future on the up-and-up, he has plenty to smile about.

7. Nicky

Nicky brings an infusion of youth and exuberance to the family dinner table.
Linda and Danny

8. Linda and Danny

What an amazing couple with hearts of gold and smiles in spades.
Work Grin

9. Work Grin

It's not often you get to see Frank smile when he's behind a desk, so it's best to relish every opportunity.
Family Dinner Giggles

10. Family Dinner Giggles

There's a good chance that Danny just cracked a joke right before this moment happened.
Cracking Up

11. Cracking Up

Sometimes you just can't hold back the laughter!
Getting Lovey-Dovey

12. Getting Lovey-Dovey

From scowl to smile in .2 seconds.