Amy Carlson

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Amy Carlson

1. Amy Carlson

Amy Carlson plays Linda Reagan, a strong and loving mother and wife.

2. Statuesque

Linda puts on her thinking cap here.
Amy Carlson Woman Crush

3. Amy Carlson Woman Crush

Amy Carlson looks stunning in a red dress.
Married to Danny

4. Married to Danny

She's loyal to her man.
Formal Wear

5. Formal Wear

Linda and Danny look good in formal wear.
Funny Look

6. Funny Look

Sometimes the things Linda says make Danny make crazy faces.

7. Kiss

Linda knows how to take a kiss with a smile.
Family Dinner

8. Family Dinner

At family dinner, Linda always is a positive force for the Reagan clan.

9. Golden

Amy Carlson has a golden shine as Linda Reagan.