10 Thought-Provoking Henry Reagan Quotes From Blue Bloods

Words of wisdom from Henry Reagan.

Words of wisdom from Henry Reagan.

As the patriarch of the Reagan family, Henry Reagan is known for two things:

1. Making sure everyone has their butt at dinner on Sunday
2. Providing wise advice to the rest of the Reagan clan

Here are 10 great quotes from sage of the dinner table.

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"Family is the original department of health, education, and welfare."

"Good cops are made by the world they police."

"Your heart's bleeding all over my good tablecloth."

"If you need to hire a shark, make sure you get the great white."

"It's the losses that keep you up at night."

"Take what you can, then make the job your own."

"The nut cases also have rights. That's what makes this country so great and so incredibly confusing."

"Sometimes, a kick in the ass is worth a thousand words."

"Who ever said life was fair?"

"I'm proud of my service. Let's leave it at that."