9 Things Blue Bloods Fans Can't Get Enough Of

Sunday dinners

1. Sunday dinners

From free speech to international relations, drug dealing and dating, no topic is off-limits for the Reagan family Sunday dinner.
Jamie Reagan's by-the-book attitude

2. Jamie Reagan's by-the-book attitude

The youngest of Frank Reagan’s children is a real stickler for the rules and always tries to do the right thing—no matter the cost. As if having an irresistible smile wasn’t enough!
Danny and Linda's bedrock marriage

3. Danny and Linda's bedrock marriage

Raising two boys and working high-stress jobs can take its toll on any couple, and Linda and Danny are no different. They're always able to work through any friction. After six seasons, a variety of near-death experiences, and butting heads over both serious and silly things, Linda and Danny are still going strong—and so is their marriage.
Frank Reagan's thought-provoking quotes

4. Frank Reagan's thought-provoking quotes

Even after six seasons, Frank Reagan still comes up with fresh perspective and doses of deep and insightful wisdom.
Sibling squabbles

5. Sibling squabbles

Just because they’re adults doesn’t mean they don’t fight! Over the years we’ve seen Erin, Danny, and Jamie duke it out over politics and police work. While there have been hurt feelings and sore subjects, when push-comes-to-shove, these stubborn siblings always have each other's backs. Family always comes first!
Henry's words of wisdom

6. Henry's words of wisdom

It isn’t easy keeping the peace in a nine-person family, but Henry manages to wrangle everyone in. The retired Police Commissioner shares his wisdom, poses insightful questions, and keeps the family in good spirits.
Danny kicking serious butt

7. Danny kicking serious butt

Detective Danny is the most likely of the two brothers to play a little fast and loose—but with good reason! Sure, he’s been reprimanded for his actions in the past, but he’s also saved countless lives.
Erin's tough but fair parenting

8. Erin's tough but fair parenting

It isn’t easy being a single mom while holding down an incredibly taxing job, but Erin has always made sure to maintain an honest, open, and loving relationship with Nicky. Even though the two fight like any other mother and daughter, Erin and Nicky always find a way to communicate their feelings and seek compromise.

9. #CuffMeDanny

Need we say more?