Social Media Roundup: Cake, Directing and Snow
Posted on Feb 18, 2014 12:50pm

Blue Bloods is wasting no time in 2014. The celebrations of Tom Selleck's birthday, Donnie Wahlberg's directorial debut and the avalanche of snow in the big apple have resulted in a ton of activity on social media. Check out some of the highlights tweeted by the Blue Bloods stars!

Donnie Wahlberg and Amy Carlson on set during "Manhattan Queens."

Bridget Moynahan has a little shoe trouble on set.
Watch the "Manhattan Queens" commentary here.
Donnie Wahlberg shares his excitement for his directorial debut.
One of Donnie's favorite things about directing Blue Bloods...
Donnie's favorite scene from the episode he directed.
#BlueBloods trends on Twitter!
Behind-the-scenes photo with Marisa Ramirez on set.
The ratings keep skyrocketing!
The cast and crew celebrate Tom Selleck's birthday with a special cake.
Donnie on set in the cold!
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