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Jeremy Piven Disrupts Silicon Valley In Wisdom Of The Crowd

This fall on CBS, a tech innovator takes the Bay Area by storm with an app that could revolutionize crime solving.
Posted on May 17, 2017 | 06:00am

If two heads are better than one, imagine what a million could do.

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Jeremy Piven stars as Jeffrey Tanner in WISDOM OF THE CROWD, an intriguing new series about a Silicon Valley tech icon who takes crowdsourcing to the next level.

Jeremy Piven will star as a tech icon in WISDOM OF THE CROWD this fall on CBS.

Driven to find his daughter's killer, Tanner creates "Sophe," a platform for people around the world to submit and evaluate evidence for criminal investigations.

He launches a new company with a staff of specialists—passionate experts who sometimes work outside the confines of the law—ultimately revolutionizing crime solving in the Bay Area.

In addition to Piven, WISDOM OF THE CROWD stars Richard T. Jones, Monica Potter, Natalia Tena, Jake Matthews, and Blake Lee.

Jeffrey Tanner (Jeremy Piven) and his team will take over the tech world this fall in WISDOM OF THE CROWD.

WISDOM OF THE CROWD is written by Executive Producer Ted Humphrey—who previously worked on The Good Wife—along with Executive Producers Adam Davidson, Avi Nir, Alon Shtruzman, Peter Traugott, Rachel Kaplan, Dror Mishani, and Shira Hadad.

Stay tuned for more updates on WISDOM OF THE CROWD before it premieres Sundays at 8/7c this fall on CBS and CBS All Access.