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Why You Don't Need To Be A BB Fan To Fall In Love With Celebrity Big Brother Here's why the first-ever celebrity edition of the show you love will hook you from Day 1.
Posted on Jan 31, 2018 08:55pm

Die-hard fans of Big Brother—the widely-celebrated reality competition that’s been a summer staple since 2000—could go on and on as to why the show stands out as one of their all-time favorites to watch.

Beyond the big personalities that make each season so entertaining to watch, there are elements of strategy, human connection, and live surprises that keep fans invested and on the edge of their seats with anticipation.

If you're thinking you already have to be a Big Brother enthusiast in order to get hooked on Celebrity Big Brother, think again.

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Why will you love Celebrity Big Brother?

Allow us to break down some of the fun that's in store when the show launches with a three-night premiere that starts on Wednesday, Feb. 7 at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access.

It all starts with personality.
When TV personality Omarosa, retired UFC fighter Chuck Liddell, and reality TV star Brandi Glanville (plus eight other famous peeps) walk into the Celebrity Big Brother house for a month-long thrill ride, they're bringing with them a whole lot of personality.

These people know what it's like to be in the public eye, so being on camera is going to come naturally for this bunch.

Just imagine watching these celebrities outside of their normal environments, interacting with other famous people during their time in the house.

That's a recipe for fun, right?

Things get strategic—fast.
Personalities aside, the root of Big Brother has always been around strategy—both physical and mental—in order to make it through to end.

Once the game gets going and Houseguests are nominated for eviction, they start working every tool in their toolbox to be heard and squeeze their way out of possible evictions. That all boils down to winning competitions, making smart social alliances, and being on the right side of the house eviction-to-eviction.

If you love strategy and competition, Celebrity Big Brother will have you coming back episode after episode for more.

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Human connection will play a large role.
We're not just talking about showmances here, although that is a reason fans get invested each season.

There are bound to be some friendships made in the Celebrity Big Brother house! After all, whenever a large group of people join together under one roof, conversations and stories are soon exchanged, forming bonds like never before.

They cover everything from sharing their passions in life, what their families are like, and past work experiences. Watching the human connections that take place on the show tends to be very eye-opening—especially when unlikely friendships start to blossom.

You can always expect the unexpected.
Hey, it's Big Brother’s slogan for a reason.

Fans never know what to expect from the show—even after 19 seasons—and that’s a major reason why viewers keep coming back for more. And since Celebrity Big Brother is a first for the show, no one knows what to expect. That's where the thrill lies!

How rad is it knowing this is the first-ever version of Celebrity Big Brother and we're all going to get to watch it unfold in real time?

It'll be fascinating to see how well-known strangers live together, especially when their lives are documented as the show is happening.

It's developing in real time.
All the alliances, friendships, change of plans, and house madness unravels as you see it.

That's what makes Big Brother so unique and interesting to watch—knowing that you can tune into the Big Brother Live Feeds* and get exclusive content, including uncensored access to the celebs.

So, what are you waiting for?

Don't miss a second of the conversation that's going to happen around Celebrity Big Brother all season long.

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