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Cheers - Give Me A Ring Sometime
S1 E1 Sep 30, 1982
Give Me A Ring Sometime
Cheers - Sam's Women
S1 E2 Oct 07, 1982
Sam's Women
Cheers - The Tortelli Tort
S1 E3 Oct 14, 1982
The Tortelli Tort
Cheers - Sam At Eleven
S1 E4 Oct 21, 1982
Sam At Eleven
Cheers - Coach's Daughter
S1 E5 Oct 28, 1982
Coach's Daughter
Cheers - Any Friend of Diane's
S1 E6 Nov 03, 1982
Any Friend of Diane's
Cheers - Friends, Romans and Accountants
S1 E7 Nov 11, 1982
Friends, Romans and Accountants
Cheers - Truce or Consequences
S1 E8 Nov 18, 1982
Truce or Consequences
Cheers - Coach Returns To Action
S1 E9 Nov 25, 1982
Coach Returns To Action
Cheers - Endless Slumper
S1 E10 Dec 02, 1982
Endless Slumper
S1 E12 Dec 16, 1982
The Spy Who Came In For A Cold One