Who's The Toughest Of Them All? TV Characters With Nerves Of Steel

Dr. Leanne Rorish on Code Black

1. Dr. Leanne Rorish on Code Black

As the Residency Director of the busiest, most intense ER in the country, Dr. Rorish stays cool under pressure that most people could never imagine. With limited resources and more patients than medical staff to treat them, she manages to keep the entire team on course.

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SSA Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds

2. SSA Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds

When two prison guards were found dead in a detention facility, the BAU was called in to check out what seemed like an inside job. While there, an UnSub put the facility in lockdown, leaving Morgan and Kate Callahan stuck in a common area with a dozen murderers. In the high stress situation and without weapons, Morgan’s primary concern was the safety of Callahan. He fought off the inmates the best that he could, and all he asked was that they leave Callahan alone.

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Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs on NCIS

4. Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs on NCIS

As a decorated Marine, Agent Gibbs is trained to be cool under the most demanding of situations. His no-nonsense attitude is well-known. This dedicated worker constantly puts his life on the line for his team members and civilians alike.

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Dr. Christa Lorenson on Code Black

5. Dr. Christa Lorenson on Code Black

As one of Dr. Rorish’s newest residents, Dr. Lorenson faces incredible pressure at the busiest, most intense ER in the nation. While riding in an ambulance alone with a pregnant woman, Lorenson is forced to deliver the baby en route, receiving instructions on the phone from Rorish while the other doctors are at Center Stage performing two other separate life-saving surgeries.

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Cabe Gallo on Scorpion

6. Cabe Gallo on Scorpion

When Team Scorpion was being barraged by motion-sensor machine guns on a trip to retrieve a billionaire’s daughter in Mexico, everyone ducked for cover. The sensors picked up a moving fan near Paige and began shooting through the metal barrels that she was hiding behind. With some quick math, Happy and Walter determined that one of the machine guns needed to be shot down. Who was up for such a deadly job? Cabe Gallo, naturally.

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Alicia Florrick on The Good Wife

7. Alicia Florrick on The Good Wife

After being married for years to State Attorney Peter Florrick, Alicia is shocked by the revelation of a sex tape of him with another woman. With her husband disgraced from office amid allegations of misconduct, Alicia swallows her pride—and anger—to support her family and return to work.

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Police Commissioner Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods

8. Police Commissioner Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods

When an assassination attempt was made on the Police Commissioner, he refused to let it stop him from dedicating a memorial for his fallen son, John. Even though the killer was present and had to be taken down while Reagan was delivering his speech, he didn’t let it stop him from honoring his son.

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Brian Finch on Limitless

9. Brian Finch on Limitless

Brian acquired the brain-boosting drug NZT and used it to solve his father’s medical issues. Unfortunately, he also found himself the subject of an FBI investigation. Trying to avoid capture, he harnessed the power of the brain-boosting drug again, keeping him calm enough to stare down a subway car as it barreled straight at him.

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Dr. Neal Hudson on Code Black

10. Dr. Neal Hudson on Code Black

As a surgeon working alongside Dr. Leanne Rorish in the busiest, most intense ER in the nation, Dr. Hudson not only has to keep a cool head while performing life-saving surgeries on the fly in Center Stage, but has to grapple with Rorish’s "cowboy" approach to emergency medicine.

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Sameen Shaw from Person of Interest

11. Sameen Shaw from Person of Interest

With The Machine projecting a roughly 2% chance of survival, Shaw literally took one for the team. She leapt out of an escape elevator to press a manual override button that would send Finch, Reese, Rusco, and Root to safety. By leaving the elevator, she knew she would have to take on Martine and her operatives, facing a near certain death.

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Paige Dineen on Scorpion

12. Paige Dineen on Scorpion

After communications at LAX went down and kept all air traffic from landing, Team Scorpion had their first case. Realizing that the control tower's software was outdated, Walter had to figure out how to get a bug-free version of the software uploaded—but the only way to do so was to directly connect with a flying plane! Using a Ferrari to zoom down a tarmac at over 200 miles per hour, Paige had to maintain balance on the car while trying to connect a laptop to the jet flying above them.

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Dr. Avery Ryan on CSI: Cyber

13. Dr. Avery Ryan on CSI: Cyber

After an explosive goes off outside a crowded theater, the FBI’s cyber team began their pursuit of a bomb-maker who utilizes other people's devices to "crowd source" his detonation. Instead of a countdown clock, his contraptions count the number of phones in an area. At a predesignated total—boom. In order to stop this tech-savvy criminal, the team’s leader, Dr. Avery Ryan, had to maintain cool composure while watching the second "crowd-sourced" bomb numbers tick up.

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