Nurse Jesse's Perfect One-Liners On Code Black

"Mama's in the kitchen."

...And Mama makes the rules, so pay attention!

"You think you're smarter than your mama because you got an M.D.?... Well, you're not!"

Not even a little bit.

"Clearly, you don't speak the native tongue of my people: Sarcasm."

These new residents better learn fast—though, when the ER is in Code Blackeverything is!

"You look like you were strapped to the bow of a ship."

On the bright side, at least they didn't have to work in these conditions!

"I want to tell you how fabulous you look right now... but it would be a lie."

You can always trust Jesse to give it to you straight!

"We are not allowed to kill a guest in Mama's house."

You should follow all of Mama's rules, but this might be the most important one.

"When asked if you want to examine a patient some more, it's like

being asked if you want a breath mint. The answer is always yes."

A not-so-subtle hint for doctors and people with a touch of halitosis.

"Life lesson: When your Daddy tells you to do something, just do it."

Dr. Leanne Rorish, a.k.a. Daddy, is known as quite the cowboy when it comes to emergency medicine. While her methods have been called into question, she's almost always right. Follow her lead or get out of her way!

"Lean on each other, that's what siblings are for."

The residents at Angels Memorial are an exceptional lot—they work hard, without breaks, and under unbelievably stressful conditions. Mamas know how to give great family advice and this one is no different.

"If I die today, my one wish would be that you live. Really live."

Everyone held their breath as Dr. Rorish desperately tried to save Jesse from a severe heart attack. Before bring put under, he leaned over and said what could be his dying wish. It happened to be words to live by.