Check Out This Freaky Prosthetic Eye From Code Black

Meet Steve LaPorte

Meet Steve LaPorte

As a make-up artist for Code Black, Steve LaPorte brings the show's most gruesome medical maladies to life. We saw some of his most eye-popping work—literally—on "Buen Arbol" (Season 1, Episode 7).

"My aim was to have a self working, practical effect," LaPorte said about the episode's prosthetic eye. In order to accomplish that, he created a series of scultures to achieve two looks: first extreme swelling, then a "lesser" look for the aftermath exam. 

He created a domed eye cover with a tiny air bladder, followed by an acrylic eye that matched her actual eye. After gluing it all into place and encapsulating it in silicone, he put it on the actress and used makeup to blend it in, matching her skin.

"A tiny tube ran from under the piece and through the hair to a syringe, which injected air into the bladder beneath the false eye," LaPorte explained. "This allowed us to swell and relax the eye on cue. The prosthetic included hand-punched lashes and eyebrows, allowing for extreme close-ups. The aftermath (stage two) swollen prosthetic allowed for the use of her real eye for the eye exam. As simple as this may sound it was an extremely delicate and detailed design and execution."