Season 7: Episode 23 - Hit
Posted on May 17, 2012 12:00am

In the first part of a two-hour season finale, the BAU goes up against a gang of bank robbers who are also serial killers. Highly trained and organized, they wear masks depicting the king, queen, and jack in a deck of playing cards. Over the past several months, they’ve robbed seven other banks, killing someone in every single heist. This time, however, they’re caught in standoff with the police in a Washington, D.C. bank. When one of the UnSubs is shot by a cop, the others begin threatening to start executing their hostages if their demands aren’t met. As the BAU team tries to manage the situation, things become personal when JJ learns that her boyfriend Will was the cop who fired on the bandits â€" and unless he gives himself up to them, they’ll kill everyone on the inside.