Criminal Minds
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Season 3: Episode 6 - About Face
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:21am

A new member joins the BAU, but he's a familiar face to some of the team: David Rossi. He was one of the founding members of the unit, but he took early retirement and became a famous author. Now, Rossi's "unfinished business" has led him back to the job, and he's even willing to accept a subordinate position.

Rossi's first case with the team is of a woman from Dallas who is kidnapped after she finds her home papered with "Missing" flyers with her image printed on them. When she's found dead, the team is stunned to discover that her face has been removed. Not long after, another woman goes missing, so the BAU is on a deadline. Garcia finds a clue connecting the two victims: both were associated with a technology communications company. The killer, named Max Pool, also works there, and the team moves in quickly. Once he's cornered, Max pulls a gun, but Rossi is ready for him. He shoots the man dead, possibly saving Morgan's life in the process. Max had the second woman locked up in his home, but she has survived her ordeal.