Season 9: Episode 1 - The Inspiration
Posted on Sep 26, 2013 12:00am

After two young females are found shot in the heart and placed in a prayer position in different parks in Phoenix, Arizona, the team speculates whether the UnSub’s ritualistic behavior is rooted in religion. Additional victims soon meet the same fate, and when the team discovers that the victims were all subjected to projected cannibalism, the ME reports reveal that the human remains found in them all belong to the same individual.A DNA match of the remains to Heather Clarke leads them to a restraining order Heather had filed against Wallace Hines, a mentally unstable ex-boyfriend from her past. Reid determines that the evidence and prayer position point to Wallace’s obsession with the female praying mantis. By forcing his victims to consume pieces of Heather’s head much like how a praying mantis treats her male prey, they ascertain that Wallace believes women are predators to be punished for wronging him.A chase ensues and they capture Wallace and bring him into custody. However, we soon discover through fingerprints that it isn’t Wallace they have in custody, but rather his twin brother Jesse that no one knew existed. Wallace is still on the run. Meanwhile, the team reacts to news of Hotch interviewing to become Strauss’ permanent replacement. To be continued….