Criminal Minds
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Season 9: Episode 4 - To Bear Witness
Posted on Oct 17, 2013 12:00am

An unidentified young man collapses in the streets of Baltimore and the BAU discover that someone has performed a lobotomy on him. When Morgan visits the John Doe in the hospital, he realizes that the lobotomy has left him paralyzed, unable to communicate details of his capture. Using a system of blinking and alphabet boards, they learn his name is Sam and glean that the UnSub has kidnapped a woman close to Sam. Following the discovery that the UnSub has implanted a camera in Sam’s eye, they attempt to communicate with the UnSub only to find that the torture of his female victim is being broadcast online to the world through a camera in her eye. The team’s research into Sam’s life as a student at Johns Hopkins leads to the identity of the female victim, his girlfriend Dana who is a German medical student at the college.They learn of her troubled older brother, Anton, and his need for attention from their parents who had treated Dana as the golden child and sent Anton away to various boarding schools. The team is able to track down Anton but discover he has implanted a camera in his own eye in order to attract the attention of the world. Hotch is able to talk him down and rescue Dana, though she and Sam are left with substantial trauma. Anton reveals to Hotch that his motive was for his sister to understand what it was like to be seen and never heard. He was also craving the attention he never received from his parents. Meanwhile, the team becomes acquainted with the new section chief, Mateo Cruz. Unbeknownst to everyone else, he and JJ have a long work history.