Season 9: Episode 8 - The Return
Posted on Nov 14, 2013 12:45am

The BAU is called in when 16 year old Gavin Rossler, considered missing for four years, resurfaces to shoot and kill three people in a diner before being taken down by a police officer who was dining there. The team learns Gavin had a getaway driver who left the scene without waiting for him to enter the diner. The team identifies the getaway driver as another missing male teen and just as they hone in on his location, he ignites a car bomb which kills a traffic cop.Evidence of torture on Gavin’s body consistent with that of past abducted teen boys leads them to believe an UnSub is kidnapping and training adolescents from broken homes to carry out his agenda. JJ convinces the mother of one of the abducted boys to beg for her son Daniel’s return on the radio, which results in Daniel calling her back only to abruptly hang up. The team manages to trace the call and intercept the park bombing he was about to carry out. They analyze the victimology again to ascertain that the kidnapped teens were targeting members of the Chicago P.D. Daniel's recitation of a number triggers the link to the badge number of a former police offer, Wayne Gulino, who was stripped of his badge for brutally coercing confessions out of suspects along with his partner. Detective Reyes, lead in the investigation, was the officer who got Gulino fired.Our team tries to get to Reyes but not before a woman, dressed as an officer, enters the precinct and reveals herself as Gulino's accomplice. She threatens to detonate her vest strapped with explosives and our team intervenes to stop her. They find Gulino at his former partner's home and rescue the remaining abducted teens. Meanwhile, Morgan begins seeing his neighbor Savannah and is thrown off by her casual approach to their relationship.