Season 9: Episode 13 - The Road Home
Posted on Jan 23, 2014 12:00am

The team heads to Cleveland in the wake of same-day shootings that have left four dead in three separate locations. Initially thinking they are dealing with a spree killer, the BAU determines that the UnSub’s kills are rooted in vigilantism as his victims had extensive criminal backgrounds. After several more victims are murdered, the team uses witness accounts and surveillance footage to link the UnSub’s car to Clifford Walsh, a man who lost his wife and teenage son in a home invasion robbery ten years ago. The tragic event sent Walsh on a downward spiral of alcoholism and isolation. The team learns that the perpetrator, Howard Clark, was killed in a prison fight shortly before his scheduled release. Clark’s murder triggered Walsh to start killing since he wasn’t able to exact his revenge on Clark himself.When they find Walsh’s SUV filled with memorabilia of his late wife, but no mementos of his son Teddy, they look into Teddy’s troubled past and discover he was friends with Clark. Teddy helped him with the robbery but tried to stop Clark who was drugged up and violent towards them. The team puts the pieces together to ascertain that Walsh’s main target is Clark’s mother, who he believed to be culpable for the crime by failing as a parent. They intervene as Walsh is about to kill Clark’s mother, but Walsh kills himself instead before they can stop him. Meanwhile, Rossi heads to Los Angeles to help an old war buddy repair his relationship with his estranged son. Just as all looks to be calm, JJ is kidnapped while waiting to meet up with someone...