Criminal Minds
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Season 9: Episode 14 - 200
Posted on Feb 6, 2014 01:00am

After the BAU learns of JJ’s kidnapping, they discover that Cruz has also been abducted and delve into the files of a classified assignment she and Cruz worked on at the State Department in 2010. The team uncovers details of “INTEGRITY”, the covert database born out of the operation to find Osama bin Laden. They determine JJ and Cruz were captured as they were part of the task force with knowledge of the database access codes. Under Secretary Jackson reveals that task force translator Tivon Askari is the perpetrator. Fearing another government scandal, Jackson bans the BAU from the investigation and Hotch retaliates by invoking the help of Emily Prentiss at Interpol.Meanwhile, at the interrogation cell, JJ is tortured by Askari and we see in flashback that she had suspected someone in the task force had been a double agent. JJ had bluffed about an impending interrogation of task force members which led to a Humvee attack allowing Askari to escape but reveal himself as the traitor in the process. Special Agent Michael Hastings seemingly died in the attack and was taken by the enemy while JJ suffered a miscarriage. In the present, Askari taunts her by recalling the miscarriage and JJ realizes he is working for Hastings as he was the only other person who knew about her pregnancy aside from Cruz. JJ gives up her portion of the code in order to trigger a silent alarm on the server and Cruz surrenders his code after Hastings threatens to rape JJ, but Cruz is stabbed by Askari anyway. The team locates the server to find them, and JJ and Emily chase Hastings to the building’s roof where their fight leads to Hastings falling to his death. Cruz is rushed to the hospital while JJ reunites with her family. Hotch pulls strings to penalize Jackson for assigning Cruz to the Section Chief position in order to reunite him with JJ and thus bait Askari and Hastings out of hiding.