Season 9: Episode 16 - Gabby
Posted on Feb 27, 2014 12:00am

When four-year-old Gabby is left alone in her aunt Sue’s car and subsequently abducted at a gas station, the BAU races against time to find her. Initially they suspect Gabby’s estranged father Doug is the kidnapper given the custody battle for her and his drug issues. A witness account of a dark van pulling up to Sue’s car fits the description of a van belonging to Doug’s drug dealer Ian. Recent burn wounds on Ian’s face implicate him in Doug’s death as Doug’s severely burned body is found in a nearby lake. Ian confesses to getting rid of the body and gives up Sue as Doug’s killer. Hotch provokes Sue into admitting to the murder and kidnapping, but she refuses to reveal Gabby’s location. Sue’s intent was to punish Gabby’s mother Kate as she was always jealous and resentful of her. The team tracks Sue’s internet activity to find she had given Gabby away via an underground adoption website. They trace the responses to Sue’s posting to find that Gabby has been traded among the unscrupulous visitors of the website. The team finally locates Gabby at the home of a sleazy couple and reunites her with Kate.