Criminal Minds
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Season 10: Episode 7 - Hashtag
Posted on Nov 13, 2014 01:00am

Social media makes everyone a star. But this week’s UnSub wants more attention than a simple selfie.

At a suburban mall, a teenage girl takes countless selfies while shopping. What she doesn’t know is – her followers aren’t the only ones watching her every move. There’s a creepy salesman secretly taping her in the dressing room. Is this guy just a weird stalker? Or is he the UnSub?

That night, the teen is surprised by a man in a black suit, who bangs her head against her mirror and then slits her throat with a broken shred of glass. To cap off the murder, he posts a picture of her mutilated body on all her social media sites. Hashtag: fear me.

The BAU track down the creepy mall pervert but he has an alibi for the night the teen was killed. He’s not their UnSub. Soon enough, another good looking guy with a fancy for social media is viciously killed - and the UnSub leaves a signal – a hashtag made out of nails. This is no one off murder. The BAU has a serial killer on their hands.

Unfortunately, the local news has a field day with the story, giving the killings even more publicity. It’s just what the UnSub wants – to become famous for his crimes. The BAU know that the more the media focuses on the gory glitz of these deaths, the more the UnSub will be motivated to kill again. And he does kill – choosing a teen who taunted him online as his third victim.

The media has been calling the UnSub the "selfie killer,” but it appears that the UnSub has his own preferred nickname: "Mirror Man.” JJ and Derek track down the author of Mirror Man horror stories – a local high school student. They’re gruesome tales but this amateur writer isn’t their UnSub. They realize that the UnSub probably looks up to this author. Maybe he knows him and is a bit younger? The writer knows just who to tail - a high school junior who love the Mirror Man stories and has recently gone off track after losing both his parents.

Derek and JJ corner the teenage UnSub with their guns drawn, but not before he’s able to take a woman hostage with a nail gun pointed at her neck. When the local news start filming the standoff, the UnSub is thrilled. Finally, the attention he’s been seeking. He shoots his hostage and Derek is forced to shoot the young UnSub down on live television.

Fortunately, both the hostage and the UnSub will survive. But the UnSub is too disturbed to have learned any lesson. In his hospital room, the UnSub borrows a friends’ cell phone to take one final selfie. "No one will believe I got shot,” says the UnSub proudly. Proving that no matter what the consequences, everyone just wants to be the star of their own story.