Season 10: Episode 9 - Fate
Posted on Nov 27, 2014 12:00am

Most UnSubs have a pattern, a distinct calling card that hints at the reason they’re killing. But this week’s UnSub seems reckless. Three people in suburban Virginia are dead, but there’s little to link them together: two are men, one’s a woman. They were all killed violently, with multiple knife wounds. Yet, they do have one thing in common - the UnSub made sure to put them in clean clothes before leaving the scene of the crime.

It seems The BAU has a tidy UnSub on their hands.

The most recent victim was a young woman killed at her workplace – a hair salon. The BAU tries to piece together the clues.

Meanwhile Rossi spots a young woman following him by car. When he stops for coffee, she stops nearby. He goes over to her, letting her know he’s on to her game. She must be new at this private investigator business – there’s a file with his name on it visible on the passenger seat. David tells her that anyone she’s working for should speak up - or else she’s going to find herself in prison.

Back on the case, the BAU try to narrow down their suspects. Was it someone recently released from a mental hospital? That might explain the rash killings brought on by rage. But J.J. discovers something interesting at the most recent crime site – a lock of hair that doesn’t belong to the victim. Is it the UnSub’s? And why would a lock of their hair be left behind?

Finally, Kate offers her hunch. Because each victim is left in clean clothes, with their bloody clothes cleaned in the wash – she doesn’t think a male UnSub is their culprit. They’re on the hunt for a woman.

Kate’s right. The UnSub is an unstable mother, who recently was involved in a serious car accident with two teenagers, one of whom died in the crash. The force of the impact did damage to her brain and now her judgment is severely impaired. The hair pulling is something the UnSub does to cope with stress – and she’s been finding her spate of killings pretty stressful. The latest hit was the UnSub’s boss, who took credit for the UnSub’s idea, embarrassing her in public. As usual, the UnSub makes a rash decision, killing both her boss and her boss’ husband at their home. The body count is mounting.

Finally, the stress gets too much for this unpracticed UnSub. She dials 911 after killing her boss but quickly hangs up. Yet, this is a call the BAU can trace. When she returns to her house, her suspicious husband confronts her. What’s wrong? She confesses her crimes, but when her husband wants to call the police, she snaps, killing him in cold blood.

Desperate for a solution, the UnSub grabs her teenage daughter and heads to the person who she believes caused all her pain – the surviving teenager from the deadly car accident.

Derrick and J.J. track down the UnSub to the home of the young teen. Caught red handed, the UnSub takes her own daughter hostage, holding a knife to her neck. But when Derrick confronts the UnSub, telling her he knows that this isn’t who she really is – the UnSub breaks down, letting her daughter and the teenager go.

With the UnSub captured, Rossi heads off to find the woman he now believes is his biological daughter. He drives off to meet her at the airport. She’s about to get on a flight but Rossi admits while he wasn’t there for her growing up, he’d like to be there for her now. Can he get on the plane with her and get to know her and her young family? She agrees and Rossi finds out that he’s not so alone in the world after all.