Season 10: Episode 10 - Amelia Porter
Posted on Dec 11, 2014 12:00am

Sometimes, the youthful mind is folly. Easily forgiven because of its age.

But for this week’s UnSub, a formerly under-aged ex-con just released after twelve years in prison, age did nothing to mature his psyche.

A rash of killings in Utah bring The BAU up north. In different locations, a couple and a security guard lay dead and in his own home, a grandfather as well. All three killings look haphazard. Unplanned. The BAU have a disorganized and maybe a deranged UnSub on their hands.

The grandfather was knifed in cold blood. In the grandfather’s backyard, several holes were dug, probably after the crime was committed. Someone was looking for something. This UnSub was no stranger to the victim. Garcia looks up former residents of the grandfather’s house, to see who might be a suspect.

One name comes up that rings a bell. Amelia Porter. David Rossi remembers that case. Many years ago, Amelia Porter was an attractive, 30 year old Utah resident accused of raping and killing a young woman along with the help of her under-aged, 17 year-old lover. The ugly twist – the woman they killed was her teenage lover’s sister.

The 17 year-old, Ben Farland was put away in prison for twelve years. But Amelia Porter escaped and is still on the lamb. The BAU looks up Ben Farland’s record. His release date – two days ago. The grandfather was Ben Farland’s father. This is their UnSub.

With some deduction, Dr. Reid believes that Ben killed his father out of rage, after coming home to reconnect following his long incarceration. Then, he took his sister’s two teenage children, Andy and Rebecca, as hostages with him. Ben is looking for something. But the BAU isn’t sure what.

On the lamb, Ben torments his niece and nephew, driving in the darkness. Andy, at the wheel, decides to crash the car, in hopes of killing Ben and saving himself and his sister. Unfortunately, Ben survives and it looks like the Andy is dead. Ben takes his niece hostage and the two head off on foot.

Luckily for the BAU, Andy does survive. While recuperating in the hospital, he’s able to tell the BAU what happened and explain that they were planning to go to a friends’ cabin to hide out. The BAU is on the chase.

But Ben has other plans. He drags a tired and hungry Rebecca to a remote house. There, they find an attractive woman (40s), doing the dishes. It’s Amelia Porter, Ben’s former lover and accomplice in the murder of his sister. Ben was hoping to meet Amelia and in his deranged mind, he decided they should act out another crime of passion, raping and killing his sister’s daughter, Rebecca.

Amelia is horrified and still traumatized at the whole ordeal. She was drugged out of her mind at the time of the original crime and she refuses to participate now. With Andy’s help, the BAU close in on the house and burst in, guns drawn. Ben has a gun to Rebecca’s head, but Amelia makes a run for it. In the commotion, Rebecca escapes and Ben is thrown backwards. Ben’s gun goes off, accidentally shooting Ben dead.

Kate and the rest of the team rush to console this traumatized teenager. Rebecca has gone through so much in her life already.

Because of his age, Ben Farland got another chance after serving time for his crime. But with his psychosis, he wasn’t capable of living without committing more violence. Luckily, with the BAU’s help, his niece, Rebecca was able to take her second chance and escape going through the same ugly fate as her mother.