Season 10: Episode 11 - The Forever People
Posted on Jan 15, 2015 12:00am

Some people stick with you forever. But the memory is not always good.

The BAU learns of a woman frozen to death near Hoover Dam in Nevada. But this death was no accident. J.J. recognizes that the victim also has electrical marks near her neck. She was electrically shocked as she neared death – to prolong the pain.

Kate wonders how J.J. knew to look for the electrical marks. J.J. explains that she’s seen it before, in another case. But she doesn’t share the real truth – the other torture case was her own.

J.J. suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder from the anniversary of her abduction. She was tortured by an Iraqi Nat’l Guard member while serving in Afghanistan. Spencer remembers J.J.’s past trauma and wants to help by talking about it. But there are some things you have to face yourself.

On the case, the BAU tracks the frozen woman’s origins to a Nevada cult called "The Forever People." Apparently, she had told friends that she was "on a new life path.” But in reality, she was brainwashed by a lunatic cult leader. She left behind a husband and a son – both still in the cult.

The BAU tracks the cult leader down and takes him in for questioning. He was their main suspect, until they show him pictures of the woman, frozen to death in a local lake. The cult leader looks shocked – not the reaction they’d expect from the guilty. The cult’s practice is to expose their members to hypothermia, cordoning them off into a room with below freezing temperatures. Then, right before the member is about to die of exposure to extreme cold, the cult brings them out of the room and electrically shocks back to life. It’s a near death experience but also a euphoria.

The BAU realize that this cult is crazy, but they’re not killers. They decide that their UnSub is not the leader of the cult but a crazed cult member who’s gone rogue.

When the BAU visits the cult’s compound, the father quickly reveals his cards. He’s not a cult member; he’s an imposter, living in the cult with the hopes of rescuing his son from the inside. The BAU track down the actual UnSub, a cult member charged with watching the young children. J.J. and the BAU storm the compound, freeing the Dad and reuniting him with his young son.

With the mission complete, Spencer leaves J.J. a file, detailing information on her abductor from years ago. Spencer thought it would help J.J. to face her fears. But as she reads over the file, she closes it, putting it away forever. She was traumatized but five years since her ordeal, J.J. decides that her trauma will not follow her anymore.