Season 10: Episode 12 - Anonymous
Posted on Jan 22, 2015 12:00am

Usually, the BAU’s mission is to track down their UnSub through the clues he or she leaves behind. But this week’s UnSub has been tipping his hand. With three separate murders, the Unsub dialed 911 before he committed his crime. The BAU needs to track down this strange UnSub with a semblance of a conscience.

The first three victims have been left near death in places of health or worship. The UnSub drives one victim to the hospital, leaving her near death at the hospital’s front yard. Another victim is shot in cold blood outside his therapist's office. And third is shot in his apartment. But each time, there’s that telltale warning call to the police that a crime is about to happen. Is the UnSub holding back? Does he not want his victims to die? The BAU is on the case, determined to find out.

At first, the list of victims seems random: a black woman, popular in the community, a white man, a reclusive alcoholic. What could these seemingly different people have in common?

J.J. notices that the UnSub is very specific when he kills his victims. He doesn’t just shoot them at random. He aims his bullet in the place that will kill the victim, yet cause the least damage. It’s like he’s trying to preserve something. Dr. Reid has a hunch. Were the victims organ donors? He finds out they were. Someone is on a vengeful killing spree, but for a purpose. The UnSub wants to kill organ donors to potentially save the life of someone very close to him.

But how would any UnSub know of a person’s organ donor status. One of the victims was wearing an organ donor bracelet, but the rest were not. The BAU realize that this UnSub must be privy to some pretty personal information. Then they find their suspect, a lonely, tormented man with a daughter dying of liver disease. Where does he work? The DMV. His name – Frank Cosgrove. And everyday, Frank takes people’s drivers license picture and handles their intake form, which lists their organ donor status.

This UnSub is moving his daughter to the top of the organ donor list by eliminating the competition. But when Frank kills a young man in his daughter’s counseling group, the BAU is able to connect the victim with the UnSub. But first, they have to move quickly, before the UnSub strikes again.

J.J. and Derek rush to the DMV. Who’s the last woman that got her picture taken by Frank Cosgrove? It’s a young mother, just walking out of the DMV into the parking lot. J.J. is able to get through to the woman on her cell phone, but it’s too late! Frank has the young mother in his clutches. Luckily J.J. and Derek arrive on the scene just in time, with police as backup. They tell Frank that they know his story. Killing innocent people is not the way to save his daughter. But she’s a mother, he pleads, crying over his daughter’s condition. Yet, the woman he’s about to kill is a mother too.

Tormented, Frank spares the woman in his arms, turning the gun on himself. While his killing spree was for a higher cause, the train of deaths he caused was still senseless and in the end, did nothing to help Frank’s ailing daughter.