Season 10: Episode 15 - Scream
Posted on Feb 12, 2015 12:00am

People deal with abuse in different ways. Some victims isolate themselves, never to live a normal life. Others become advocates, a refuge for those in pain.

Yet, this week’s UnSub did the unthinkable. He took a job as a social service caseworker, only to take advantage of the women he’s supposed to help, abducting them and forcing them to re-enact the same scenes of domestic abuse that he witnessed as a child.

Meanwhile, Kate experiences some parental anxiety over her thirteen year old niece’s first date. Kate and her husband are raising their niece, Meg, because Kate’s brother and sister in law died on 9-11. But what should be an innocent first date turns ugly, when Meg messages someone who is not who he appears.

At first, this week’s UnSub also seems innocent enough. He’s a neat and tidy man. Well dressed, professional, washes his dishes after every meal. But this UnSub has a secret. Hiding in his basement is a grown woman, tied up, held captive so that the UnSub can re-enact his sick childhood, revisiting scenes of domestic abuse on these new victims.

Through their research, the BAU figure out that their UnSub is someone who works within the system. He’s both protector and abuser.

The UnSub resents his mother for letting herself be abused. So he’s trying to fix the past in a warped way by abusing other victims. The UnSub recreates the scene down to every last detail, even playing the same music that his own father played during the final fight where his father accidentally killed his mother.

Garcia finds a suspect whose dad was on file for domestic abuse over thirty years ago. The UnSub’s father got away with his crimes because his wife covered for him. Now grown up, the UnSub remains tortured by his memories and is hoping to rectify what can’t be changed by creating his own scenes of horror.

When J.J. , Kate and the crew track down the UnSub’s lair, J.J. comes face to face with the UnSub. She falls down, lying on the ground, at risk of being killed herself. The UnSub wants to hear J.J. scream, adding her to his deranged recordings. But Kate appears just in time to shoot the UnSub dead.

At a nearby mall, Kate’s niece Meg waits with a friend for a "hot high school senior” who’s actually a grown man. Luckily, Kate’s husband goes to the mall to check up on Meg, inadvertently blocking the man from meeting his 13 year old "date.” But as the BAU learned from the social worker UnSub, things often aren’t what they appear. And with Meg’s open access to the Internet, it’s only a matter of time when she’ll write this "high school senior” again.