Season 5: Episode 9 - 100
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Each member of the BAU is part of an internal investigation about events that have already transpired.  The story of the case is told through each of their interviews.  When Karl Arnold aka “The Fox” told Hotch that the letters he received in prison came from George Foyet aka “The Reaper”, the team focused their attention back on their investigation into Foyet.  By deducing the medication cocktail Foyet needed to survive all his self inflicted wounds and figuring out the name he was picking up the medication with, they located his apartment, but Foyet was gone.  They found surveillance pictures of Sam Kassmeyer, the US Marshall assigned to protect Hayley and Jack, Hotch’s wife and son, currently in witness protection.  Telling her that both Sam and her husband, Aaron, were dead, Foyet tells Haley to go back to her home that that she and Aaron shared and wait for him.  Foyet calls Hotch and lets him know he’s with Haley and Jack at their home.  Unfortunately, Hotch arrives too late to save Haley.  With Foyet still in the house, Hotch hunts him.  Hotch empties his clip into a hiding Foyet, but his bullet proof vest absorbs the shots.  A melee ensues ending with Hotch beating Foyet to death.  As the rest of the team arrives to the scene, Hotch raced upstairs to find his son Jack unharmed.  Through the team’s testimonies and his own, the panel finds Hotch’s actions acceptable.