Season 5: Episode 11 - Retaliation
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Morgan and Prentiss are in pursuit of Dale Schraeder, a recently paroled bank robber, now wanted for murder and kidnapping his own daughter.  Schraeder is apprehended and placed under arrest.  As Prentiss and Detective Bunting escort a handcuffed Schraeder to the station, their car is hit by a truck and tumbles down a ravine.  Injured and unable to move, Prentiss watches as Schraeder strangles Bunting.  The driver of the truck approaches their car, frees Schraeder and prevents him from killing Prentiss.  Both men escape before Morgan arrives on the scene.  The team is now hunting Schraeder and his partner, Joe Mueller, an undercover cop being forced to help Schraeder.  Years earlier, Joe's testimony put Schraeder behind bars.  Upon his release, Schraeder kidnaps Joe's family and uses Joe to obtain the key for the money he hid in a safety deposit box before his incarceration.  Before the men can make it to the bank, they are stopped by Prentiss and Morgan.  When Schraeder threatens Joe's life, Prentiss kills him.  The team helps Joe rescue his kidnapped family.