Criminal Minds
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Season 5: Episode 13 - Risky Business
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Hotch’s first case back since his attack by Foyet finds him and the team in Louisville on the trail of Darrin Call who killed 8 people and injured 3 others at a pharmacy, before escaping on foot  Weaned off his anti-psychotic meds, Darrin suffered a mental break triggered by another’s touch. Trying to make sense of the flashbacks he’s having, Darrin goes to his doctor, but kills his doctor’s patient and his doctor in the process. With his medical file in hand, he tries to make sense of his past. When Darrin was younger, he helped his father abduct boys and then after his father killed them, he disposed of their bodies. But he helped one boy named Tommy escape. In the present and in his delusional state, Darrin mistakes a boy at an orphanage for young Tommy and kidnaps him. They wind up at his father’s house where Darrin demands answers from his father for what he did. The team finds Darrin there and with nothing to lose, Hotch walks unarmed into the house where Darrin has a gun trained on his father. Hotch is able to distract Darrin enough to get the kidnapped boy out of the house, but does little to stop Darrin from killing his father.